About Gilad Krein

Online Entrepreneur and Offline Traveler

Hi, I am Gilad, an entrepreneur with a broad experience in the online monetization and advertising fields. I help people and business thrive in digital media.

Ever since 2005 I was involved in many different businesses, from the very early stages of setting the foundations and through expending and creating well engaged, profitable assets. I helped many entrepreneurs create strategic plans, solve various problems, and leverage their business ideas into profitable products with a wide market and engaging online communities.

I am an Israeli-born digital nomad, currently unbased, I love traveling and exploring the world while I make a living online. I dedicate my spare time to mentoring and helping others build online businesses and achieve financial freedom.

The world is huge, you have one life, make sure you make the most of it. and don’t forget when you get to the top, to be kind and share what you have with others.

If you find some of this information useful, let me know.

Gilad Krein